POWDER ROOM 1999 - 2000

Single channel video/sculpture Installation, 3 minute loop with sound

Single channle video/sculpture Installation. Two way functional washroom, (size variable), with mirror (size variable), light bulbs, wash basin/running water, lipsticks, face powder, ribbons, bindis, (the mark hindu women wear on the forehead), comb, tissues and other articles of adornment. 3 minute loop with sound.

You look at your reflection in the mirror and are free to use any of the make-up items in the room. Suddenly you are disturbed by a plaintive music emanating from the mirror and your reflection in the mirror is replaced by other images. The faces in the mirror replace your face at exactly the same distance from you as your own reflection. Thus your eyes do not re-focus to engage the intrusive images. The images tell stories / open narratives. One possible reading suggests a dysfunctional family that comes together in another sort of reflection - the reflection on a photo-sensitive film: a family photograph.


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