man in water 2003

Two channel video, (video still). Installed as projections on a wall and object. Room open on three sides, 396.2 x 305.8 x 1219.2 cm (156 x 120 x 480 inches) (variable). Water dye black 152.4 cm (60 inches) deep (variable) 13 min loop with stereo sound

The sculptural shape in water can be read as a mountain/ mound/rock (painted fibreglass). Projection at the back is 13 ft wide x 10 ft high (size variable). These are the exact dimensions of the room/enclosure built on the pool. The pool water was dyed black to get a good reflection. The back projection shows a traffic junction in old Delhi from dawn to afternoon. People going about their chores. Eventually the traffic gets extremely jammed and busy with tongas (horse carriages), Pedal rickshaws, pushcarts, buffalo-carts, trucks, buses, etc., and even a ‘caravan’ of elephants. At key moments the traffic gets speeded up and even begins to rush furiously backwards. The entire traffic from time to time is submerged under a sea of water.

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