Stylistically, the landscape shifts, heaves and transforms in relation to the events staged in the landscape. The four 8 feet x 6 feet paintings will in parts be painted in great detail with an extensive range of colours. Other areas will be monochromatic. Some projected images will be gelled with the painted images rendering them largely immobile. The occasional animation in these images will amplify their stillness. (In cinematic terms the immobility will exist within the actual course of time: it will psychologically stretch time, enhancing it), other video images will run and move freely between the four paintings. The static video images will on occasion move away from their painted selves leaving behind a colourful or monochromatic ghost: an ‘after-image’. The characters visit other paintings and return to inhabit their ‘painted shells’ revitalising them with their ‘breath’.

Crossings installation video by Avijit Mukul Kishore 4th Guangzhou Triennial: Memories of Cinema: Mani Kaul/Ranbir SinghKaleka Guangzhou, China 2011

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